Fast, easy-to-understand
answers to complex issues

We believe that ideas and knowledge are a strategic asset for businesses
but all too often their full potential goes unrecognized and their value is
not fully exploited. By looking at the bigger picture, we can advise our
clients on the specific actions that need to be taken, leaving
no room for ambiguity.

After careful analysis of our clients’ needs, we provide clear direction
backed up with detailed work schedules and accurate breakdowns of costs.

We are always at your side: from preliminary studies of your case, to tying up
all final loose ends. We can support and guide you through any legal disputes
regarding trademarks, patents, designs and the entire spectrum of
intellectual property rights.

We know that the work we do is not just about consulting weighty
legal volumes but bringing all our expertise and experience to the
table to ensure we give you the most useful advice expressed
in clearest language possible.

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Are you at risk or are you protected from imitations?

Trademarks are the main way company’s products or services are rendered
recognizable. Trademarks, in all their various forms, allow businesses to stand out
from their competitors and create value for their brand. Registering a trademark
is essential to protecting yourself from imitations and copies.

We assist you in all the necessary steps: clearance searches, registering your
trademark in all countries, watch services, transfer and assignment procedures and
global IP portfolio management, all using advanced IT tools.
In the context of mergers and acquisitions, we also carry out due diligence reviews,
audits and valuations


Is your invention genuinely innovative? If so, have you protected it?

Patents are the principal means of protecting a companys innovation
and the only reliable tool for safeguarding your invention from imitations
and infringements.

We assist in all the phases of obtaining patent protection: novelty searches
to identify existing similar technology, drafting and filing patent applications
in Italy and abroad, and their prosecution up until the patent is granted.


Have you considered protecting the design of your product?

Registering a design (or industrial design) protects the outward appearance
of a product from imitations and gives the owner an exclusive right to use that
particular shape or decoration.
Design registration, especially at the European Community level, is fast and
relatively inexpensive.

We assist you throughout the whole process: from ensuring that your design
fulfils all the requirements necessary, through to registering it other jurisdictions,
and advising on enforcement measures.


Is your work vulnerable to unauthorized use?

Copyright protects the rights of the authorin the fields of literature,
music, visual arts, architecture, theatre and newer forms of expression
forms such as software, databases and iconic industrial design pieces.

We help you obtain copyright for your work, both in Italy and abroad,
and assist you with its enforcement.

Domain names

Do you know the risks you are exposed to online?

Domain names (DN) are a website’s online digital identity: a window onto
the world and a fundamental tool for a company’s visibility, especially for
businesses working within e-commerce. Successful DN management is not
merely about the technicalities of registering and renewing domain names,
but rather ongoing web monitoring and intervention to stop infringements.

We offer dispute resolution services through out-of-court, reassignment or
arbitration proceedings.

We provide personalized analysis and investigations into the unauthorized
use of your brands on the Internet, especially in e-commerce, social media
platforms and search engines.

For companies who believe that DN management is as important as
trademark management, we offer technical maintenance services through
selected ISPs, alongside the administration and protection of their trademarks.

Financial valuations

What is your intangible asset worth?

Throughout the business life of an intangible asset the need to know its economic
value often arises. The possible reasons for needing a valuation are varied:
administration/accounting purposes for financial statements, internal evaluations
of economic performance, for non- routine transactions and/or damage claims.

The valuation of an intangible asset is highly complex and generally needs input from
both financial and legal experts. Valuations are sometimes carried out from a purely
accounting perspective without taking into due consideration the legal situation,
such as the asset's validity or lifespan, its "power", geographic coverage of rights
exercised and any possible overlap with third party rights. We carry out reliable
and accurate valuations according to the specific needs of our customers,
with the support of a team formed by both legal and financial experts.