For us, an idea is not an end point
but the start of a process which demands
evolving skills and the right tools to
achieve the desired results.

De Gaspari | Osgnach is the winning combination of the three philosophies
which represent the firm's founding partners and the professionals
who have joined in over the years.


Italian spirit

Padua is the city where
we trained and where
we decided to put down
roots in 2007.

It is home to one of the oldest universities in the
Western world, internationally renowned for
arts and sciences from its inception, which has
had an enormous impact on our identity. It is
from here that we take our dedication to
creativity, innovation and cultural eclecticism
which spur us on to explore new social and
business dynamics in contemporary society.


Pragmatic and

Our methods are designed to
achieve goals in the most precise
and punctual way possible.

Technology helps streamline our day-to-day work
so we can focus on identifying strategies
and solutions carefully tailored to our client’s
business needs.


International focus

We are ready and able to bring
our experience and expertise
wherever they are needed.

That is why, alongside our team of lawyers
and licensed patent and trademark agents
who represent our clients before the competent
National and International authorities, we also
work closely with a network of trusted local
professionals to reach all markets around the world.